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Gate Safe is an initiative focused on improving the safety of automated gates. Launched in 2010 following several serious accidents involving automated gates, the organization works to raise awareness about the correct installation and maintenance of powered gates. They provide education, advice, and guidance primarily to installers, but also to specifiers, surveyors, and owners of these gates. Gate Safe emphasizes the importance of adhering to strict safety standards and guidelines to prevent accidents and ensure that automated gates are safe for all users. They offer training courses, certification, and resources to ensure that professionals are fully informed on the best practices for installing and maintaining automated gates safely. The initiative aims to make safety an integral part of the design, installation, and usage of automated gates.

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I recently had an emergency security issue, and Assured Security provided quick and reliable service. They arrived promptly, identified the issue, and resolved it efficiently. I highly recommend them.
Mark Johnson
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Assured Security LTD provided honest and transparent pricing for their services. They explained the pricing upfront and provided a detailed breakdown of the costs. I highly recommend them.
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Assured Security provided efficient and thorough work for my security needs. They took the time to diagnose the problem, explained the solution, and resolved it quickly. I highly recommend them.
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